A+ Contemporary Art & DeSIGNS, LLC

A+ Contemporary Art & DeSIGNS, llc. opened for business in January 2010, inside the new Timbrook Automotive Outlet, on Old Mt. Savage Road, Cumberland, Maryland.

Co-owners of the new company, Fred and Patricia Timbrook, designed the gallery/art studio and signage business into the newly remodeled building, formerly Gabriel Brothers, to be primarily a personal art place for Pat, a local visual artist. At the end of the inaugural year, A+ hosted a charity fund-raiser and painting give-away during the Christmas holidays.

The gallery is open for public viewing, as well as sales of her many art works. Mrs. Timbrook avails herself to visitors while painting, which is afternoons, Monday through Friday. For information about the gallery or the artist, phone 301-777-1411.