ALDI Grocery Store

At ALDI, we do everything possible to give you incredibly high quality at impossibly low prices. ALDI brands are made of the same, or even higher, quality than national brands. Plus, they’re backed by our Double Guarantee. So you can be sure you and your family will trust ALDI brands for delicious satisfaction.


The store also offers nearly 70 varieties of fresh produce, its exclusive Fit & Active brand of products with less fat, less sodium and fewer calories, its SimplyNature product line that includes several organic items, and its liveGfree line of gluten-free products.


ALDI is different from other stores. In order to keep our prices low, we accept cash, debit, and EBT cards only. We ask you to bring your own bags or buy reusable ones at checkout. Also, to receive a cart, you put a quarter in the cart, shop, and then return the cart to get your quarter back. 








Address: 12405 Winchester Road SW
LaVale, MD 21502