Bachman, Terry

Terry Bachman is a master craftsman, artist and creator of handmade furniture and wood art in a variety of styles--both historical and contemporary. His furniture has been inspired over the years by the Shakers, Japanese woodworkers, and the Arts & Crafts movement of the 1910s. More recently, by bringing together a variety of influences - Alabama quiltmakers, the abstract painting of Paul Klee and the “fluid” Studio Furniture of the late 20th century – a new grouping of furniture, wood furnishings and decorative “Wood Mosaics” has emerged. This new work references a multitude of artistic elements of the past but is distinctively contemporary.

He continues to work with clients to create custom furniture that reflects their vision as well as his own - well proportioned, perfectly joined, and painstakingly finished. Terry has a passion for transforming rough-cut lumber into objects at once elegant and practical, pleasing to the eye and smooth to the touch.

Phone: 301-633-2389 Address: 424 Virginia Avenue
Cumberland, MD 21502
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