Belcher, Cynthia

BACKGROUND As a child I spent my time drawing animals. After High School I started taking drawing and painting classes at the Maryland College of Art and Design in Silver Springs, MD. My focus changed to the Graphic Design and illustration field, graduating with an Associate of Arts Degree in Graphic Arts. I proceeded to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore receiving a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, graduating in 1979.

With my interest focused on nature and wildlife, I was hired by the National Aquarium in Baltimore as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator in 1983. Working on a wide variety of projects which included print, posters, publications, education materials, and exhibit design. All of which included my natural science illustration. Leaving the Aquarium, after a 26 year career in April 2010 to pursue a fine arts / craft direction reflecting the Earth's natural inhabitants.

Original paintings and drawings are available for sale. Mediums include detail pen and ink, watercolor, watercolor / color pencil, and color pencil on film. Subjects are fish, coral reefs, birds, marine animals, mammals, and flowers. Images included on attached disk. Artwork can also be found at Mountain Made in Thomas WV.

ARTclays Framed original nature and wildlife paintings on dried paper clay. Watercolor and color pencils are used to create detailed colorful framed art. All clay paintings are handmade, original and one of a kind pieces of art.

GLASSbits "Stained glass on glass" mosaics that can be hung in a window with the light shinning through the semi-transparent glass or hung on a wall as reflective art. I try to use small glass pieces to get as much detail as possible in my mosaics.

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Phone: 304-289-5330 Address: Burlington, WV 26710 Email: [email protected]