Brown, Jackie H.

My unique background and traditional clay training in England has been a strong influence on the current focus of my work. The vessel is a significant reference point to my craft background, and I strive to make my pieces “stand proud” and speak of their inherent aesthetic beauty. This concept combined with my avid interest in printing color and line on flat surfaces has led me to the pieces I now produce. The linear decoration and choice of color derive from my observations of landscape and the different environments mankind exists in. The mixture and contrasts of my Northern European influences and my experience and exposure to Modern and Ancient America, constantly provide me with fresh inspiration and direction. I strive to create pieces, which combine all these factors with a thread of harmony and balance. Balance has become an emphasis for my most recent work by the positioning of the pieces on three feet or a small base structure. I continue to explore and revel in the many complexities that clay offers to the artist, for me it is an endless series of journeys.

BIOGRAPHY I came to the U.S.A. from England, United Kingdom, eighteen years ago. I studied for my Undergraduate degree (Three-Dimensional Design: Wood, Metal, Ceramics, Glass) in Manchester, England and continued on to receive a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 1982. I taught schoolchildren and adults in Northampton, England for two years whilst continuing my own personal art development. I came to the U.S.A. in 1984. I completed my M.F.A. at Arizona State University and later taught as Associate Faculty at A.S.U. My present position is Professor in Ceramics at Frostburg State University in Maryland; I have been at F.S.U. for thirteen years. Throughout the years my work has continued to develop and grow at a rapid pace. I have an avid interest in both clay and printmaking and have combined the two and discovered a technique of printing line and color onto the clay surface. I am presently employing this method in the construction of some of my pieces. The vessel is a prominent feature in my pieces; it is a significant reference point to my traditional clay training in England and is a strong element in the current focus of my work. I recently moved to Lavale, Maryland and thrive there with my husband Damon, two dogs, a tank full of fish and a garden full of very hot peppers.

Phone: 301-722-4354 Address: 10025 Shortest Day Road N.W.
LaVale, MD 21502