Cohongaronta Gallery

The Greater Cumberland Regional Airport serves as a vital transportation focal point for a tri-state region (Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania) with the center of commerce in Cumberland, Maryland. The airport is located just one air mile from the city center across the Potomac River adjacent to the small town of Wiley Ford, West Virginia. On the second level of the new airport terminal is located a visitors site, The Cohongaronta Gallery (A Shawnee name for the Potomac River). This gallery is open to the public during terminal business hours.The Cohongaronta Gallery contains an array of historical displays pertaining to the history of the Greater Cumberland area. The centerpiece of the gallery is a 40% scaled replica of the Wright Brothers 1903 first powered flight aircraft that set the stage for aerial transportation. A seventy-foot long timeline highlights pertinent dates and events for the Potomac Highlands region.

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