Croft, Bobby

Since an early age, Bobby has been consumed with a love of art. From drawing on the walls with crayon to doodling in the margins of his math textbook in middle school to now working in clay and paint, creating is a way of life for this young artist.

A native of Frostburg, Bobby has just embarked on a lifelong career of creating and teaching art. Having gained his Bachelors in the Fine Arts with concentrations in ceramics and painting in 2012 and his Masters in the Art of K-12 Art Education in 2013 at Frostburg State University, Bobby has effectively laid the foundation for his career. Currently, Bobby teaches community ceramic courses at his alma mater, volunteers as a part-time graphic artist for a health promotion program, and is fairly active in the arts community in the area. Some of his recent accomplishments include an invitation to the NIH Teapot Exhibition, Best in Show in the Mon Amour, My Love exhibition at the Saville Gallery, two awards in the Play in the Streets Exhibition at the Frostburg Museum, and a recipient in the Kappa Pi National Scholarship Program

Working in clay and paint allows Bobby to balance various needs when creating. His work explores the disparities and poise that surround the world: order and chaos, experimental and traditional, gentle and harsh. Using time tested methods interlaced with off the wall ideas, such as using gunpowder and explosives within his clay, allows Bobby to create work that is fresh, yet oddly familiar.

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