Davidson, Dalis

I am a shepherd, artist, dyer, painter, crafter, felter, knitter, weaver, jewelry maker. Art is my outlet for my abundant energy. I feel I must create something daily that pleases me. Whether it be a painting, a felt purse, a knitted or woven scarf, a mosaic mirror, a fused glass pendant, or an ornamental gourd, I want to end the day with having satisfied my “creative craving.”

My main love is for fiber, the natural, organic feel of fresh wool in my hands. I use the wool as a canvas for color. I see colors that complement, that clash, and that just look great together. I use this innate sense of color in the painting of my yarns, watching colors emerge and overlap. When knitted, the colors flow gracefully and resemble an impressionistic painting. Knitting is a “soft” addiction for me and my knitting is never far from reach.

Felting has been an interest for me for years now. I like abstract, multi-colored pieces with texture, body and undulating colors.

I am passionate about color, light, illumination, laughter, magic and making everyday a joy to live. Don’t just sit there, make something!

Phone: 301-801-6995 Address: 218 Schley Street
Cumberland, MD
Web: http://www.dancingleaffarm.com