DeWitt, Gerry

Cain, Gerry

I became an art student after retiring from accounting and social ministry careers. After raising 3 kids and working for nearly 40 years, I suddenly found myself with way too much time on my hands. I knitted and traveled, but something was missing.

One day while shopping I came across a pack of watercolor pencils and something clicked. I took the pencils home and painted my first picture - a pink and blue Beta - a beautiful fish swimming in my aquarium. My painting was simple, primitive, but oh so rewarding. I have been painting ever since. It is something I have to do - like walking the dog.

My personal goal as an artist is to reveal the impression a particular scene gives, while also being true to the nature of that scene. My impression, or the way I experience a scene, will not be the same as the way the next person experiences it because we are each the sum of all of our experiences. My art seeks to allow for individual experience and impression for each person who views it.

Art has opened my eyes to the world around me in a new, richer light. I try to capture that richness in my work. I love to use watercolor paint because it is so fluid, so transparent, just like life. I find great vibrancy and depth of expression when using acrylic paint. Add some ink, especially metallic ink, and feel the excitement of a scene not quite real, yet the feeling it conveys is very real indeed.

I will always be a student, because art is a constantly evolving endeavor. My work is my impression of the world around me, sometimes vivid, but more often representative of my feeling about that world. Painting that feeling, that impression, is something I have to do.

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