Dubins, Bobbi

Bobbi Dubins was born and raised in Cumberland, Maryland. She currently resides in nearby Lakewood, West Virginia, with her husband, Bruce and daughter, Jackie. Though she had a strong interest in art during her younger years, she studied computer science in college and worked in that field for over 15 years. She re-discovered her passion for art in her thirties, and began painting in watercolor. Bobbi feels that art should provide both a means of personal expression and a path for inner growth and exploration. For this reason, she does not restrict herself to specific subject matter, but prefers to paint a large variety of subjects and use various painting methods. Bobbi also enjoys doing portraits in graphite.

Bobbi also teaches watercolor classes and has published an instructional DVD entitled "Watercolor Basics for Beginners" which can be ordered online. For more information, see her web site at www.dubins.com.

Phone: 304-738-0054 Address:
Ridgeley, WV
Email: [email protected] Web: http://www.dubins.com