Duckworth, John

Duckworth, John

John Duckworth was born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania in 1950. His first exposure to the world of fine art came upon his admission to Girard College, a school for fatherless boys in Philadelphia.

After noticing that John spent an inordinate amount of time drawing in study hall, the school enrolled him in Saturday classes at Philadelphia College of Art. After graduation from Girard, John continued his studies at PCA full time.

These were turbulent times. Vietnam was raging, long hair and bell bottoms were "in", Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King had been assassinated. In the art world Pop culture was reigning supreme and Andy Warhol had been shot. Traditionalism, in all of its manifestations, was being challenged. This was the climate when John started his career as a realist in an unreal world.

His work exhibits a high degree of planning and execution. He works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and pencil. His subject matter is wide ranging and he has completed numerous commissions over the years. He has had gallery affiliations from Baltimore to Sante Fe and has exhibited from coast to coast. John has conducted numerous workshops over the years. He resides in western Maryland.

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