Erik and Dhru

ERIK AND DHRU Erik and Dhru is the acoustic fusion of songwriter/performers Erik Hanson and Sally dhruva’ Stephenson, both of Frostburg MD. The duo’s sound features tasteful and impressive guitar styles, multi-instrumental accompaniments and complementary vocal harmonies. Their blend of "acoustic blues and beyond" has been described as "folk with a splash of alternative" and "soulful robust blues with an acoustic jam band flavor." Although Erik and Dhru have only played together for a year, both members have many years of performing experience. Erik is recently returning to Frostburg after ten years of playing professionally and touring nationally with the band "Early Grace" and others. Dhru has performed regionally with "Angel Patrol," "The Elktones" and other bands, and has released two solo albums. Samples of Erik and Dhru's songs are available at

INSTRUMENTATION: Erik plays guitar and sings lead and harmony. Dhru plays guitar, flute, percussion, mandolin, harmonica and bass and sings lead and harmony. Both are songwriters.

CONTACT: [email protected]