Evergreen Mansion & Museum

Join us at the Evergreen Museum, the 200 year old Trimble family ancestral home, officially recognized as a Maryland Historic Property since 1976. The Evergreen Mansion/Museum is located at the Evergreen Heritage Center. It features the original fireplace kitchen where slaves prepared family meals, a large double parlor with two fireplaces, chandeliers, and French doors for women in their long hoop skirts, plus quaint guest rooms where fireplaces provided the only source of heat within two foot thick mansion walls.

This historical home sits on over 130 acres of lawn and forest adjacent to the Great Allegheny Passage and the Western Maryland Scenic Railway. We are located just 1.5 miles outside of Mount Savage, 10 minutes from Frostburg and 15 minutes from Cumberland.

Private tours are available upon request.

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