Feldstein, Albert L.

A multi-award-winning amateur public historian, Albert Louis Feldstein has since 1980 successfully published over thirty books, prints, videotapes, and DVDs depicting the history of all three western Maryland Counties - Allegany, Garrett and Washington, as well as nearby West Virginia. His books and tapes have focused upon such varied subjects as historic postcards, newspapers, floods, gravesites, coal mining, railroads, community histories, and tour guides to historic sites. Over the past twenty-five years he has given hundreds of presentations throughout Maryland and adjoining states promoting an awareness and appreciation of our past. The majority of his historical works have gone into second and third printings.

A 2003 effort, a political history poster entitled, "Buttons of the Cause, 1960- 2003: The Events - The People - The Organizations - The Issues", has sold thousands of copies and in 2005 was accepted for exhibit and sale at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History in Washington. It can be viewed at www.buttonsofthecause.com.

Always trying something different, between 2007 and 2010 Albert Feldstein developed five educational websites, all initiated in collaboration with the Western Maryland Regional Library. The first, entitled Historic Women of Allegany County has been linked to several historical and women's history websites and can be viewed at www.whilbr.org/AlleganyWomen/index.aspx. The second, entitled Allegany County African-American History has also been linked to numerous educational and historical institutions on the local, state, and national levels. Among other recognitions it has been honored with the 2009 Maryland Historical Trust Preservation Award for Educational Excellence. It can be viewed at www.whilbr.org/AlleganyAfricanAmericans/index.aspx. Most recently, Feldstein has developed websites on Presidential, Maryland, and Allegany County campaign buttons. These can be viewed, respectively, at www.whilbr.org/PresidentialCampaignButtons/index.aspx, www.whilbr.org/MarylandCampaignButtons/index.aspx, and www.whilbr.org/MarylandCampaignButtons/index.aspx. The presidential website has been featured in USA Today, ABC World News Webcast and television, the Associated Press, and public radio. Each website is updated and revised on a regular basis.

Al and his wife Angela reside in LaVale, Maryland and are the parents of three children, Natasha, Josinda, and a step-son, Michael Mulligan.