Four T-Herb Shoppe

Welcome to the natural realm of good health and well being! The Four-T Herb Shoppe has a vast array of soothing herbs, essential oils, enzymes, vitamins, homeopathics, and tinctures that may enhance your enjoyment of life. A vibrant and healthy body is a great asset in the busy toxic world we inhabit. Our shop also carries personal care items such as facial creams, dental care products, bath supplies and lotions. You'll be amazed at all the natural as well as organic foods and teas that are now available. Don't forget the babies and tots! Our children's corner has many remedies for the younger set. Pet supplies are also among our varied stock. When you consider the value of your health, only the best, most carefully selected products should be used. We offer consults using iridology readings and kinesiology. Another service being offered is the ionic foot bath which draws out toxins in the body. This is a relaxing and some say a rejuvenating experience. Call for an appointment! 301-777-2993. Our hours are 10-6, M-F. The shop is located at 39 National Hwy, LaVale, MD, across from Wharton's Electric Inc. You will find a bright atmosphere with a pleasant staff to serve you!

Phone: 301-777-2993 Address: 39 National Hwy
LaVale, MD 21502