Gordon's Jewelers

When you're looking for that perfect diamond ring, where you buy the ring is almost as important as which ring you buy. When shopping for diamond jewelry, the 4Cs are important, but so is the 5th C, and that is "confidence" - confidence that you're selecting the most beautiful diamond at the right price and confidence that you are purchasing from a trusted, reputable jeweler. Gordon's Jewelers gives you that confidence.

Gordon's goal is to make each and every customer's shopping experience fun and relaxing. Whether shopping alone or as a couple, we want you to feel comfortable as our staff answers all your product and service questions. Gordon's also welcomes the opportunity to share diamond information that will help you in making comparisons when choosing the diamond of your dreams. In some locations we offer private viewing rooms, so if you are trying to keep your purchase a secret, you know we are on your side.

So, if you're considering where to buy a diamond, consider building a long-term relationship with a jeweler you trust: Gordon's Jewelers

Phone: 301-729-6840 Address: 1262 Vocke Rd.
LaVale, MD 21502
Web: www.gordonsjewelers.com