House and Garden Club of Frostburg

The House and Garden Club of Frostburg has been active in the community since 1964 and meets at 6PM on the first Monday each month at the Frostburg Community Center on Water Street, to learn, share, socialize and contribute to the Frostburg community.

A major Club project has been planting and maintaining the beautiful flower baskets that line the streets of Frostburg. Beginning in the spring of 1996 as part of the lamppost project, members and friends of the Club took on the project of purchasing and planting more than 60 baskets on lampposts, including 6 baskets at the train depot and 8 planters on the bike path trailhead. From May to October, they maintain them, removing the flowers and replacing them with pine, lights and bows for the winter months. In addition to the lovely baskets, there are several areas around the town that are maintained by members for the beautification of the City of Frostburg. For more information, contact club President Rob Rephan at 301-689-8492.

Phone: 301-689-8492 Address: