Imes, Larry

‘A visit to Larry Imes’ crowded studio is a visit into another dimension. He works there most days surrounded by his paintings and clay sculptures, many of them created on recycled materials such as table tops, windows, and the end pieces from the large rolls of paper used by the Cumberland Times-News. For a year or so, he has been creating circular paintings on the end pieces in his unique abstract style. Larry says, "The circle as a plane is a challenge to paint on. The shape has to speak to you and then it just evolves. I’m very gestural, very action oriented, For me it’s about emotion." Larry Imes is a native of Allegany County. He first became interested in art in the 4th grade at St. Patrick's School. He looked out the window at the stained glass windows in the church and enjoyed the idea of lines and puzzle pieces. That's the kind of work he does now. After a back injury in 1974, Larry started doing charcoal drawings and sketches. "I was hooked." He began to attend art classes at Allegany College and took every course they offered—drawing, print making, silk screening. He studied with Wini Clayton Redrick for many years. He graduated from Frostburg State University, earning a B.S. in Art with a concentration in Ceramics. He taught pottery in adult education classes at Allegany College and had a clay studio in Clarysville for 10 years. Larry enjoys creating sculptures in clay but likes to do a little bit of everything. "I'm an experimenter. I like to try new things." Because he didn’t have much money, he started painting on cardboard, tearing up boxes to use as canvas. He picked up some newsprint from those Times-News paper rolls to cover his pottery tables and that’s when he discovered the end pieces on which he paints his circular paintings. He says, "The circle represents so much about life. A circle is spiritual." Larry has shown his work locally at the Embassy Theater; Allegany College; The Gallery in Oakland; and Heritage Days Festival. The outside world is discovering this passionate artist. He will soon be represented by an international gallery located in Santa Fe, NM. They are planning a showing sixteen of his circular paintings which will include a series of paintings recently completed in memory of the events of September 11, 2001.

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