Knobel Besa, Penny


Actors Studio Director Penny Knobel-Besa is an actress, photographer, playwright, and theatre director. She has more than 40 years of theatre experience with children and musicals with a degree in theatre from Towson University, Masters from University of Baltimore, followed by post graduate theatre studies at Yale and writing at Hopkins. In 1991 she was named Maryland Photographer of the Year. From the 1994 until 1998 she was busy as a playwright/director producing a children's musical, "Under Your Pillow" Off-Broadway in New York and establishing a theatre arts academy. She has written and filmed several short independent films and for a cable TV station.

As an actress Penny performed for Arena Players in Washington DC, Clockwork Orange Productions, Baltimore Actors Theatre, Essex Community College, Spotlighters Theatre, Oregon Ridge and Martins West Dinner Theatre before starting her directing career in 1977 with various theatres producing plays and performances for the Meriwether Post Amphitheatre, at the State House in Annapolis, and then most recently at the Palace Theatre in Frostburg the summer of 1996 and the Embassy Theatre for a year 1997-98 producing children's plays such as Heidi with real goats, original musicals such as the "Little Princess" and offering classes herself in drama while hiring and coordinating professional instructors for voice and dance along with various artists for the "Kids Art Studio".

Knobel-Besa provided classes at the Good Shepard Center for three years for emotionally disturbed and troubled youth receiving an award for her services and taught theatre make up for Baltimore Actors Theatre Academy. For the last three years she has been doing "Theatre and Make-Up Classes" for the Washington County Arts Council's Summer Camp each July and at her own Sanctuary Studios where she produced "Cinderella" last August. She is also an award winning photographer, radio dramatist, and film artist. Classes/workshops can be developed for you, your group, or to suit any schedules and size. Classes can be scheduled at your location or in her own studio in the Flintstone area. For more information call (301) 478-2735. (Not available April 25 through June 22, 2006)


INTERACTIVE KIDS THEATRE WORKSHOPS Designed to fit your time slot for one class period, 1 hour, 1 day, or 6 weeks of classes, or "Play Production". Kids from age 6 and up will learn some basic acting and stage movement during interactive theatre games and activities. All kids will have the opportunity to perform. They gain in self-esteem and responsibility and love every minute. Photos of students available.

SIX WEEK SCENE CLASSES (Teens and adults of all ages) So you love acting but so far the plays in your area are few and far between. You want to try your hand at real drama, monologues, wild comedy, singing the leading role, playing the famous villain, maybe do Shakespeare! Class meets once weekly. You would get to perform different roles each week and then be cast to do one of the scenes for a little mini performance for any guests you would like to invite. We will do press photos, costumes, make-up and a program. It will be your production.

DIRECTING/STAGE MANAGER WORKSHOP So you want to direct or you have already tried your hand but would like to know more about it. How can you get the ensemble in a musical to be more integrated in the cast? How do you cast the best person for each role, once cast how do you block and direct your actors. Often the director is actually the producer...will you be the producer? What is a producer anyway? What do they do and what is the stage managers job?

THEATRE MAKE-UP CLASS Two hour or half-day session of hands on theatre make-up - Students will have the opportunity to see a proper application and then try their own hand. We will cover the use of base, rouge, and shadowing, for straight make-up and then various aspects of character make-up such as aging, clowning, mime, and fantasy. Make Up will be provided but you may wish to bring your own if you do not wish to share. A make-up list will be made available prior to the class. Cold cream will be available but you may wish to bring a washcloth and towel to use following class. Photos can be taken if prearranged.

COSTUMING & MAKE-UP Four hours or full day session includes a costume display of hats, wigs, various costumes, props and accessories for you to use in developing your chosen character's make up. Costuming sketches and actual costumes from an Off-Broadway Musical will be used to discuss costuming & color choices. Hands-on make up from rosy youth to aging with graying of hair along with the building of beards & mustaches.

Film Workshop "Lights, Camera, Action" Here's your chance to try your hand at being that delightful weather girl, sports announcer, do commercials, soap opera roles, and TV movies. We will learn how film performance differs from live stage performances. After rehearsal we will film and then review in class each of the takes. Students will be asked to memorize commercials. Writers are encouraged to write their own. You will need to memorize your final scene for filming. And be willing to assist with filming other students. If desired can stage a premiere viewing for an audience.

Directions to Sanctuary Studios: From Cumberland I68E to Exit 62 left at end of ramp. Go less than 2 miles turn left onto Green Ridge Rd. go 2 miles turn right onto Scofield Rd. After road turns left studio is across from mailbox 13910.

Phone: 301-478-2735 Address: 13910 Scofield Rd. N.E.
Flintstone, MD 21530
Email: [email protected]