Braun, Elizabeth L.

Levine Braun, Elizabeth

Having trained at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in France in 1981/82, I learned the traditional techniques of stained glass that have been used to fabricate windows in cathedrals for centuries.

In 1984 I traveled to North Carolina where I helped to establish a large arts and crafts center, in which I was in charge of the stained glass department. Two years later I founded Elizabeth's Glassworks LLC in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, specializing in custom architectural glass art. I design my work to be an integral part of the architecture and personalized for my clients. In addition to stained glass, I use cast, fused, mosaic, and hot glass techniques, whether for clients, shows, galleries, or retail shops.

My cast glass work is primarily concerned with the sensual and emotional, often incorporating body parts and words. I was a creative writing major in college and consider my sculptural work to be a form of visual poetry. The idea of conveying aspects of who I am that I also think may speak to certain universal human conditions appeals to me. I'm also enjoying creating beautiful functional kiln formed work such as sinks, wall or window panels, and sconces.

There is always a dance of invention, a marrying of elements, sometimes incorporating steel, rock, natural, or found objects.

In 2008 I bought a piece of paradise in West Virginia, and my studio is my big barn on the Little Cacapon river. Now I find much of my work reflecting the peace and beauty of the natural world around me.

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