McManus, Lois

I’m a metalsmith, creating wearable artisan jewelry made from sterling silver, copper, brass, and bronze. My style is decidedly abstract, with an earthy organic feel to it.

Having majored in art, I’ve worked in printmaking, drawing, watercolor, and oil painting. But metalsmithing has been by far the most exciting and captivating medium I’ve ever worked in. My love of composition and textural interest has found an expressive home in forms created with sterling, bronze and copper, or I incorporate gemstones, semiprecious stone, handmade lamp work beads, and even pebbles into many of my creations, and am continually experimenting and exploring the characteristics of these metals.

Craftsmanship is hugely important to me, and if it doesn’t meet my very picky standards, I just won’t show it at all! I strive for cleanly finished and structurally strong creations that can withstand the rigors of being worn, ideally as your favorite jewelry, for years and years.

I have a presence on the internet in the form of an “etsy” shop. I named my shop after the lovely little creek where we live, Evitts Creek.

Phone: 301-722-0662 Address: Web: