Mechem, Maria

It’s Saturday morning and I’m hoping my daughter Hannah will sleep in just a little bit, maybe till eight thirty. Why is it that kids never want to get up on a school morning but rise bright and early on the weekend?

Recently, however, there is a new motivation to get out of bed on Saturday. After Hannah has breakfast, we head over to my mother-n-law’s pretty little apartment, which on Saturday is transformed into a watercolor artist’s paradise. You may be wondering what exactly a watercolor artist’s paradise looks like?

Well, for me it’s a little space to paint; friends willing to share their paintbrushes and colors and most importantly their honest opinions; and plenty of coffee and snacks to keep you painting for hours. Hannah keeps herself busy as our official DJ and, although her taste in music leaves something to be desired for the adult palette, she is in and of herself an inspiration for me.

She has taught me to appreciate the beauty of God’s visible creation much more deeply. Because she was born blind, I understand what a luxury the ability to see really is. I never thought I could be an artist until I sat down one Saturday and ‘threw down some color’. The magic that began unfolding on the first blank piece of 140 lb paper has opened up a whole new world for me. It’s a new way for me to express the wonder and joy I see all around me. I hope to share some of that wonder with you when you visit our ‘paradise’ and inspire you to find your own reason for getting up on Saturday. Please come enjoy our artwork and make some new friends. You may even get to meet a very talented blind DJ.

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