Minerd, J. Wini

I am a native of Cumberland, Maryland. My interest in photography became serious with my first digital camera. Since I already had a computer, the possibilities were now endless for me to "tweak" and enhance my photos to make them as interesting as possible. I use a variety of photography programs and filters. I have a certain outlook on life, wherein I despise the mundane. I manipulate photos so that they will not only come alive but also have a unique life of their own. My main addiction is photographing "quiet worlds" such as cemeteries, and neglected/abandoned buildings, as all is at peace there. I also love flowers and anything unusual, un-worldly or psychedelic. I'm a child of the 60's and still have one foot there. I really enjoy the world of macro photography, and am attempting to perfect this. There is an entire other world to anything, if you look closer. My work can be viewed at www.photoartfantasy.com.

Phone: 301-777-2853 Address: 1600 Holland Street
Cumberland, MD 21502
Email: [email protected] Web: www.photoartfantasy.com