Mitchell, Frank

Originally from the Washington, DC suburbs, Frank Mitchell settled in Allegany County with his wife, Frostburg native Cathy Schutz Mitchell, in 1980. He has since practiced full-time dentistry and enjoyed the peacefullness of the area. Cathy and Frank have one son, Brian, who is attending George Washington University.

Frank’s interest in art has been sporadic until recent years when he began applying steady effort to learning about oil painting. Frank believes strongly in looking at art from an historical perspective and searching for common elements which make artwork engaging and interactive with the viewer. Some of his favorite artists include Chardin, Manet, Degas, Vuillard, Bonnard and Whistler. The colors characterizing the works of Vuillard and Bonnard in particular are thought by him to be appealing and decorative.

One series of Frank’s paintings is based on a March visit to Florence, Italy. These paintings are intended to convey the feelings of everyday life in Tuscany, the Italian people portrayed in simple terms.

Another series focuses on Cresaptown and our mountain region, again dealing with everyday life and area residents. Frank currently has a number of paintings displayed in the American Consulate in Florence, Italy.