Mundy, Lisa

From Oil in Tankers to Oil on Canvas... I stepped off of the corporate fast track in 1997 without a clue of what I would do next. After several years of traveling the world, I landed in Duesseldorf, Germany in 2000 and began to paint. Painting was something completely new for me, although I had been exposed to oil and acrylic for many years during my initial career in the oil industry. Now I see the creative process as a natural product of a meditation practice. Once I began to clear all of the "static" from my mind, there was lots of space for creative energy to flow through.

Most of my paintings are colorful abstracts, primarily in acrylic. I have been in love with color for as long as I can remember and when I paint, I never know which ones will wind up on the canvas until I actually begin. My challenge in painting is to keep my mind out of the way: no judgments ("That's ugly!"), no ego ("Will they like it?"), no fear ("What if it turns out horribly?!"). Instead, I do my best to trust the process; which means that if I make a painting that I don't particularly like, I have to trust that somewhere out there is someone who will love it!

I have exhibited my work in Thailand and Germany and have paintings in private collections in Europe and here at home in the U. S. A. My studio sits atop the beautiful Green Ridge in Flintstone, MD, where the beauty of the surrounding mountains and forest provides good food for the soul and inspiration for what will hopefully be many more paintings! I look forward to sharing my art with you, and perhaps a few cups of tea in the process.

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