National Road & Toll House

The Toll House

Constructed in 1811, the National Road, the first federally funded road, made Cumberland "The Gateway to the West", establishing mile marker one. Travel the road as it cuts through the Narrows in LaVale, a spectacular 1,000-foot breach between Will's and Haystack Mountains that many believe is one of the most picturesque sites in Maryland. LaVale's seven-sided Toll Gate House was first constructed after the state took over ownership of its section of the road in 1835. From Cumberland, drive along Alternate Route 40 (Centre Street) and travel through the Narrows, the natural gap in the mountains that the settlers used going West. Stop at the Fruit Bowl and gaze at the 1,000 ft. gap with its sheer rock cliffs on Will s Mountain and view the beautiful trees along the lazy Will s Creek. Continue following Alt. Rt. 40 West climbing up the mountain and into Frostburg past beautiful homes and architecture along Main Street.

Phone: 301-777-5132 Address: 14302 National Highway
LaVale, MD 21502