Rowan, Jim

Photography has been important to me for over 40 years. Working with film was fun, usually, but it took time. Frequently, too much time. Waiting on processing to see if your images were what you hoped for. The disappointment if they weren’t. The time wasted and the opportunities lost could not be regained. Those times are behind us now. Digital photography has set us free!

I like to capture images that seem interesting, in some way, at least to me. I go from landscapes to still-life to macro and back again. I try to notice the un-noticed. To pay attention to things that are often ignored. I watch the weather and the seasons and try to take advantage of what nature offers. I go hunting with my camera. Critters of all kinds and sizes are ‘fair game’. I can ‘shoot’ as many times as opportunity allows and, in the end, the critters go on their merry way. Fleeting moments, captured to be enjoyed and shared.

I enjoy photography very much. I shoot images for my own pleasure but if someone else is pleased too, then all the better! That seems to happen quite often and, after much encouragement from family and friends, I will share as many of my images as I can.

Thank you for looking!


Address: Email: [email protected]