Sacred Self Healing Center

Krishna Kamini, (Kay Twigg) has been offering relaxing healing wellness services to the people in the tri-state community for nearly 20 years. As a licensed Massage Therapist, lifelong body-mind-spirit student and practitioner of the healing arts, she supports others in making life-enhancing choices through more self-awareness and deeper connection to the Sacred Self. Massage Therapy Massage promotes relaxation and reduces stress, anxiety, and pain. It is individualized to the client's needs and offered in a safe and nurturing environment. Both full body and face-lift massages are available for ½ hr to 1& 1/2 hours. The Face Lift Massage is a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a lifting and toning facial massage and acupressure. It incorporates pure and gentle products and warm towel wraps. While the masque is setting, the hands and feet are massaged. After completion of the face, the finale is a scalp massage, leaving a refreshed and invigorated feeling. Reiki Reiki helps to clear the body's stagnated energy by replacing it with light or healing energy, thereby returning the Mind-Body-Spirit to its optimal state of harmony. It is offered while the fully clothed client relaxes on the massage table. Detoxification Therapies Detoxification therapies help rid the body of toxins and restore well-being. Both Ear Candling and Ion Cleanse detoxification are offered. Ear Candling is a safe, soothing, relaxing process for easing sinus congestion and removing excess earwax. Massage of the forehead, cheekbone and neck assist in gently extracting toxins by the vacuum and warmth created within the hollow taper. Ion Cleanse is a unique and non-invasive footbath that draws toxins from the blood and lymph systems, allowing the body to function at its best. Vitamin, Herb, Tree Essences and/or Essential Oils Consultations - In this consultation, the personalized body, mind and spirit guidance empowers one to living a healthier and more balanced life. Raindrop Therapy Raindrop Therapy, through the application of essential oils to the bottoms of the feet and along the spine, helps to purify the body and enhances relaxation and well-being. Sessions may last ½hr. to 1&1/2 hours. Samyama Healing Samyama Healing assists with being present in the body and meeting what is, be it joy, grief, love, fear, gratitude, anger...any of life's experiences. During the one-hour mindfulness exploration, awareness is compassionately invited into the body and experienced from heart-centeredness rather than the mind and it's stories. Thus focusing on feeling and discovering how to gently embrace the body and heart experience. Room Rescue Room Rescue brings harmony, peace and balance into your home. It is a one-day interior RE-Design. Together we design a more perfect flow of your home or work space by using the furniture and accessories you already have, look around your home for overlooked or forgotten items, integrate colors and textures, group collectibles, and apply organizational skills. You are gently invited to experience the "Heart-Centeredness" of Sacred Self Healing Center. Gift Certificates, including combinations packages, are available. Phone: 304-298-4339 Email: [email protected]

Phone: 304-298-4339 Address: 5A Washington St.
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Email: [email protected]