Serenity Garden & Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a pathway that symbolically takes you, as you walk, from you outer (mind/worldly concerns) to you inner experience (heart/soul) and back out into the world. The labyrinths have been in existence since pre-historic times and the pathway configurations vary throughout the world. they have been created using stones, shells, grass, tiles, bricks and many other media. Some are built into the floor of cathedrals, some inthe sand at the beach, and others are drawn on canvas. You can trace the pathways with your fingers on plaques of various mediums such as wood, canvas, pewter, and on the computer. Both secular and religious groups have encouraged people to use labyrinths for reflection, meditation, personal growth, and wellness. To begin give yourself premission to commit to a space of unhurried time (20-45 minutes). Allow your mind and body to slow down in order to connect and receive. Pause at the entrance of the labyrinth to take time to breathe gently and to quiet your mind until your heart and spirit are ready to enter. Find your own pace; don't worry about being too fast or slow. Stop as you wish. Walk, relax, and let the pathway guide your way into and out of the labyrinth's center. Take time to pause, be with your experience, and to listen. Located in a grassy and wooded section of the campus behind the Continuing Education Building, adjacent to the picnic pavilion and arboretum, the garden is apart from activity at the bustling college yet easily accessed from nearby parking. Approached through a portion of the mile-long walking track, visitors travel a serpentine path to the garden and labyrinth that serves as a transitional journey and preparation for a relaxing experience in a singular setting. Once there they’ll find a scenic, tree-shaded area featuring a 57-foot diameter circle surrounded by three benches. The Community Serenity Garden invites visitors to pause and reflect, read or gather with others. More information about the serenity garden and labyrinth may be obtained by calling Cherie Snyder at 301-784-5556.

Phone: 301-784-5556 Address: Allegany College of Maryland
Cumberland, MD 21502