Silverman, Pamela

Growing up in Cumberland allowed me the time and space to appreciate art in many forms. A degree in Art Education from FSU took me to the Baltimore/Washington area where I furthered my education with a Master’s degree from Loyola College In Maryland in Special Education. I taught in that area until retirement.

There were many times during those years that art became a vehicle for a variety of transitions, however painting didn’t become a consistent endeavor until my husband and I moved to the mountains of West Virginia, (a short drive from Cumberland), and with that beauty as a constant backdrop the desire to paint and express myself with watercolors has been easily nurtured.

I could not have continued painting with such a high degree of excitement if it weren’t for the support, encouragement, friendship and patience of the artists I paint with at 203 Greene St. …my sister, Kathie Beaulieu, Jakkie Lease, and Maria Mechem. We learn from one another and appreciate each other’s individual styles and talents.

My paintings have sold and are on display throughout the Western Maryland area, as well as in personal collections in Pennsylvania and Washington D. C.

Address: ‘Studio on the Greene’
Cumberland, MD 21502
Email: [email protected]