Squires, Ginger

Over the past few years, I have become very involved in working to promote the Tristate Zoological Park right here in Cumberland. Incorporating my photography with a desire to help the zoo prosper, I have discovered that one of the joys of my life has been to work with, observe and photograph the animals. I never dreamed before retirement that I could find not one, but two callings that were so rewarding.

As a member of the Allegany Arts Council, the Allegany Area Art Alliance and the Western Maryland Photography Association, I am continually inspired by the wealth of talented artists in this area. I just want to contribute with a different dimension.

The camera gives me a base from which to create. Taking what is real and giving it a personal interpretation is my joy. Through colors, light and sense of textures, digital manipulation allows me to present a restatement of what is; a different impression of what the lens sees.

Every picture is an experiment and never has a predictable outcome.

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Wiley Ford, WV
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