Stephenson, Sally Dhruva'

Multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Dhruva' ("Drew-a") blends many musical textures together to create an experience in which her earthy alto voice invites listeners to relax, to ponder, to groove, to laugh, to remember and to celebrate the simple joys of being alive. Her musical path embraces a vivacious performance style, intriguing and multi-faceted studio recordings, and a passion for creating community through music.


"Dhruva' is the Diva of bluesy folksy hip grooving good feeling songstering." Gary Tannenbaum, Rosewood Theatre, Morgantown WV.

"Eclectic, timely, witty and meaningful: a joy to hear." Ed Sark, Tombstone Cafe', Frostburg MD.

"Dhruva' is a true original with lyrics that are playful, romantic, sentimental and stirring delivered seamlessly in the vocal styling of Melissa Etheridge, Bette Midler and in part, Janis Joplin." Shane Riggs, Allegany Arts Council, Cumberland MD.

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