Stewart, Linda

Linda Stewart is a native of Cumberland and has never wanted to live anywhere else. “I like the beauty of the surrounding hills and the four distinct seasons, especially spring and fall. The colors inspire me to create my art.”

Primarily self-taught, Linda enjoys working with paper to create one-of-a-kind monoprints, collages and paper sculptures. She has “played” with paper her whole life in some form and sold handmade cards for several years in local stores. After taking a college art class and being encouraged by her professor, she began to create works of art for sale. Her works have been described as “unique” and “original.” Linda is a member of the Allegany County Arts Council, Arts at Canal Place, and the Allegany Area Art Alliance.

I’m attempting to combine printmaking, collage and paper sculpture in 2-dimension, in the quality of fine art, using only acid-free papers. I am usually limited by the framing and need to work the design image within a depth of 3/4”. The challenge is to create as much texture, contrast and dimension as possible within the limited space.

Using cardstock, scrapbooking and specialty papers, Linda manipulates the papers with traditional tools and techniques associated with paper, to achieve the desired shapes and composition. Some of the methods used include stenciling, stamping, scoring, and dry and wet embossing. Some works include Origami and Kirigami, used in traditional and non-traditional ways. Important design elements are color, texture and shape. She sometimes “pre-visualizes” the design and sometimes allows the design to emerge through a process of working with the paper. Themes in Linda's work include music, flowers, leaves, Japanese designs and the combination of organic and geometric shapes.

A recent theme has been “Inchies Plus.” These pieces are a take-off of the artist trading cards and the inchies blocks that quilters trade. Because my squares are a little more than 1” x 1”, I call them “Inchies Plus.”

Linda's work is on exhibit at the Arts at Canal Place and the Rocky Gap Resort and Hotel.

"I enjoy creating my art and I hope you enjoy it, too." -Linda

Phone: 240-362-7009 Address: 35 South Street
Cumberland, MD 21502
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