Taylor, Rebekah

Rebekah has been painting since age 11 and happily considers herself a lifelong student of the arts. Although her favorite projects are murals, she has painted on every surface from canvas, boards, walls, flower pots, rocks, lampshades, and even motorcycle helmets. Rebekah trained at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania in the department of Theatre, eventually becoming the scenic charge artist for all of Lehigh’s Diamond Theatre productions. During her training as a scenic artist, Rebekah learned the painting techniques of the masters- adding an amazing versatility to her portfolio and enabling her to adapt their styles to the stage. While at Lehigh she completed numerous murals independently and with other artists. While pursuing a PhD in Immunology at Emory University, Rebekah continued to paint fervently. She now has over 10 years experience painting murals and loves to transform white walls into brilliant works of art.

Phone: 240-522-0138 Address: Email: [email protected]