The Irvin Allen - Michael Cresap Museum, Inc.

The Irvin Allen - Michael Cresap Museum

Frontier home of Captain Michael Cresap, built in 1764. One of only 100 structures listed in "Colonial and Historic Homes of Maryland." The authentic centerpiece of a pre-Revolutionary building in Allegany County. Repository of historical facts and artifacts dating from the early 1700s to the present can be found on site.
The brick portion of the house was built by Rev. John Jacobs in 1781. The house was saved from destruction by Rev. Irvin (Cy) Allen in 1961 when it was about to be demolished. Over the years Rev. Allen restored it and filled it with artifacts. We are a private, non-profit organization. All members of our professional staff are volunteers, and all donations are applied to the upkeep of the property.
The Irvin Allen/Michael Cresap House is located fifteen miles southeast of Cumberland, MD, in Oldtown, Maryland, formerly King Opessa's Town, a Shawnee Indian Settlement along the banks of the Potomac. The house is easily reached from Interstate 68 by way of Maryland Route 51, as well as from the trail/Towpath of the C & O Canal National Historical Park, which attracts thousands of history buffs and recreational visitors each year.

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