Winner, Dottie

After early work in pastels and oils, Dottie Winner began working in watercolor about 20 years ago and, with few exceptions, has continued working exclusively in watercolor. Dottie works from her own experiences and primarily from photographs she has taken trying to capture special spontaneous moments of everyday life. Her photos are very serendipitous and the subjects not largely known but representative of people, places and events that touch the heart.

Dottie’s love of color and light is evident in her work as is her emotional connection to her subject. “I continue to be amazed with the endless and beautiful combinations of color that can be achieved with watercolor. I strive for compositions well-grounded in the principles of design and concentrate on the interplay of color in light and shadow to bring my subjects to life and to share my feelings and experiences”.

Dottie’s award-winning paintings are included in juried shows on a local, regional and national level.