Eddie Deezen's Friday The 13th Talent Show Auditions

August 31, 2017 - September 5, 2017

Embassy Theatre

Eddie Deezen Presents: Friday the 13th Talent Show at Embassy Theatre - which will be held on Friday, October 13, 2017.TALENTCall for Auditions (choices below):* Talent Show acts are reminded that this is a family-friendly event* Although live auditions are preferred, Embassy Theatre will accept video MP4 or audio-only MP3. Email to ro[email protected] FIRM deadline - September 5, 8 pm. Any emails received after this date and time will NOT be considered.* Live auditions at Embassy Theatre (no drum sets permitted for the Talent Show) from 5-8 pm on either August 31 or on September 5.* There is NO fee to enter or perform in the Talent Show.* Decisions will be made on selections of the final twenty talent acts on September 7. All selected acts will receive email, Facebook or text notifications of selection the following morning of September 8. Decisions of the judges are final.* All selected Talent Show acts are responsible to sign event waiver, and to provide media materials such as bios and headshots or group photos. There can be no more than twelve persons in a Talent Show act. There can be no rough physical contact on stage or any pyrotechnics.* All Talent Show acts are to attend run-through of event on Thursday, October 12 at 7 pm. The Stage Manager will be responsible for collecting text numbers, emails, FB accounts and signed waivers, as well as following the order of Talent Show acts and insuring smooth transitions of on and off the stage in a timely fashion (maximum 2 minutes for set-up and maximum 2 minutes breakdown).For more information or to reserve your talent audition date, call (240) 362-7183, or visit embassytheatrecumberland on Facebook.All events and activities at Embassy Theatre are supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council, The Allegany Arts Council and the City of Cumberland.