2018 George Washington's Whiskey Rebellion brought to you by CTF

June 8, 2018

Allegany Museum

Celebrate Washington in Cumberland at the Fest! When President Washington rode into Cumberland to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion, it was the only time a sitting President has lead troops into the field. In 1794, Washington rallied militias at Fort Cumberland, which led to the successful rout of the scoundrels' who rebelled against his government's tax on liquor, known as the Whiskey Rebellion.At the George Washington Whiskey Rebellion Fest you can join in live Colonial games, mingle with 'George Washington' and other re-enactors, then take home souvenir photos and a goody bag. Sample dozens of whiskies and other spirits. Enjoy the open beer and wine bar, and continuous delicious canapes. All for just $50 per person!

Event Website: http://whiskeyrebellioncumberland.com/