It’s the highlight of summer, where you gather with your family, friends, and neighbors; excited screams from the Scrambler fill the night air; the sirens sound and lights flash as someone wins a plushie in a carnival game; and your favorite deep-fried indulgences beckon you for “just one more.” The Allegany County Fair and Ag Expo is more than just the carnival - there are national musical acts, derbies, animal expos, and so much more that set the Allegany County Fair apart from the rest. Save the date for July 14-22, 2023, and come experience the top reasons we love the Allegany County Fair and Ag Expo.

The Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

The crowd goes wild over the sights and sounds of cars crashing into one another during the annual demolition derby. With three separate categories, watch as the 8, 6, and 4 cylinder vehicles take each on and rip each other apart. *Photo by Ryan Brenneman.

National Musical Acts

Picture of the band Kix with text that says Kix, Rocky 106.1 Classic Rock, July 17 at 8 PM, Cumberland, MD, Allegany County Fairgrounds,

Picture of the singer Zach Williams with text that says Zach Williams, WCBC, July 18, 8 PM, Cumberland, MD, Allegany County Fairgrounds,

Picture of singer Tracy Byrd with text that says Tracy Byrd, 100.1 The Wolf, July 19 at 8 PM, Cumberland, MD, Allegany County Fairgrounds,

We all know the music is the true highlight of the fair. Every year, the Allegany County Fair brings in national touring acts to cap off the evenings at the Fair. For the 2023 season, glam metal and hard rock band, Kix, will kick off the week on July 17, followed by Christian rock artist, Zach Williams, on July 18, and country music star, Tracy Byrd, capping off the week's entertainment on July 19. 

The AG Expo


Come for the animals! Each year, the Ag Expo provides education and entertainment as people display products and animals from their farms and home in a friendly competition. Area youth participating in 4H also get to exhibit their raised animals in the competition. *Photo from Allegany County Ag Expo Facebook Page.

Fair Food

Fair Food

Yes, of course, you come to the fair for the fried, drizzled cake batter, dusted with powdered sugar. Who can resist a battered and fried classic like the Oreo? We all need our yearly fix of the brats and sausages or the boardwalk fries! The experience of the fair is all about indulgence and taste is no exception.

Model Railroad


The Maryland and West Virginia Model Railroad Association layout is an attraction not to be missed! This is an HO and G Scale model railroad layout located in the old Jockey Club Building at the Allegany County Fairgrounds, south of the main grandstand. The HO system is Digitrax, a system that allows us to control multiple trains and track switches and many others. The G scale layout is standard DC (Direct Current) with lots of houses, people, and one of a kind farm. Train buffs of all ages are welcome to visit and share railroad stories!

The Carnival Rides

Fair Rides

Get motion sick on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Snuggle up close with your honey as the Ferris Wheel hoists you up to see the vistas. There’s something nostalgic about carnival rides. Something about the simple pleasures of strapping into a chair swing and spinning around in circles. What we love even more is that usually on the Tuesday of fair week, you can purchase one wristband for unlimited rides!

Knobly Mountain

Knobly Mountain

And last, of course, is Knobly Mountain - the grand backdrop that surrounds the fairgrounds and holds it all together. Part of the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians, this iconic cliffside bordering the Potomac River no doubt carries the ancient secrets of this area. We may just have to admit - it is the most beautiful fair setting out there!

The Allegany County Fair and Ag Expo is more than just a carnival ! Make a stay out of this multi-day event. Click below for additional event planning specifics. 

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