Mountain Maryland Photo Contest

The spirit of the Allegheny Mountains contains secret stories worth telling, and a picture is worth 1,000 words. The community and visitors were invited to share images that tell the county’s story of culture, lifestyle, and recreation in Allegany County, the Mountain Side of Maryland.

Mountain Maryland Photo Contest Currently Closed! Contest Will Resume in 2024!

Hold the camera! The Mountain Maryland Photo Contest is on a brief hiatus until 2024. But don't let that stop you from getting out on the mountainside to capture its magic this year. All photos you snap this year will be valid for entry in next year's contest. For now, enjoy the winning photos from 2022 below, and we look forward to seeing what you have to share for next year.

2022 Winning Photos

The 5th Annual Mountain Maryland Photo Contest, sponsored by Allegany County Tourism, invited the community and visitors to share images that tell Allegany County, the Mountain Side of Maryland’s story of place, culture, lifestyle, and recreation while offering $1,700 in cash prizes to photographers between four categories. The contest closed on Monday, October 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Scenic Landscapes

Pond at Glendenning Park - Janelle Muletz
1st Place: "Pond at Glendenning Park" - Janelle Muletz
Point Lookout at Green Ridge State Park - Bob Helton
2nd Place: "Point Lookout at Green Ridge State Park" - Bob Helton
Sunrise Panoramic over Cumberland - Charles Foye
3rd Place: "Sunrise Panoramic over Cumberland" - Charles Foye

History and Heritage

Silk and Shoes from Klotz Throwing Co - Jennifer Eddins
1st Place: "Silk and Shoes from Klotz Throwing Co" - Jennifer Eddins
4th of July Fireworks - Charles Foye
2nd Place: "4th of July Fireworks" - Charles Foye
Panoramic of 1309 and a B-25 Airplane - Charles Foye
3rd Place: "Panoramic of 1309 and a B-25 Airplane" - Charles Foye

Outdoor Recreation

Taking in the Scenic Views at Wills Mountain - Adam Rinehart
1st Place: "Taking in the Scenic Views at Wills Mountain" - Adam Rinehart
Mom in the Mountains - Lisa Wolford
2nd Place: "Mom in the Mountains" - Lisa Wolford
A Rainbow Ride on the Trail - Brooke Barnett
3rd Place: "A Rainbow Ride on the Trail" - Brooke Barnett

Arts and Culture

Allegany County Fair - Erin Dettinburn
1st Place: “Allegany County Fair" - Erin Dettinburn
Snowy Main Street Frostburg - Janelle Muletz
2nd Place: "Snowy Main Street Frostburg" - Janelle Muletz
Basecamp Coffee Co by Erin Dettinburn
3rd Place: “Basecamp Coffee Co” by Erin Dettinburn

People's Choice Category

Red Leaves at Sunrise by Laura Weinberger
Scenic Landscapes “Red Leaves at Sunrise” by Laura Weinberger
kyview on the Lakeside Loop by Zach Koelker
Outdoor Recreation “Skyview on the Lakeside Loop” by Zach Koelker
Snowy Main Street Frostburg - Janelle Muletz
Arts and Culture “Snowy Main Street” by Janelle Muletz
Polar Express Train Waiting to Depart by Stan Navalaney
History and Heritage “Polar Express Train Waiting to Depart” by Stan Navalaney


In 2018, Allegany County Tourism developed the inaugural Mountain Maryland Photo Contest as a way to build tourism’s photo inventory from the unique perspective of our community and visitors.  To align with tourism’s branding and messaging, the contest’s categories reflect Allegany County Tourism’s four pillars of destination - Natural and Scenic Beauty, Outdoor Recreation, History and Heritage, and Arts and Entertainment. Over the past three years, the Mountain Maryland Photo Contest has received more than 1,200 images from 150 resident and visiting photographers. The images have appeared on our social media channels, our website, in our Visit Mountain Maryland Destination Guide, and in marketing campaigns. Allegany County Tourism has also used this opportunity to form partnerships with local photographers for additional projects. 


The competition will be judged by a five-person panel comprised of regional leading professionals in marketing, photography, design, and/or arts administration. The jury will make selections of their top ten photos in each category, based on quality, composition, content, originality, creativity, and mass appeal. Decisions are final. The jury reserves the right to not present an award in any category if insufficient quantity or quality is determined.

Photo Categories:

  • Arts and Culture: Allegany County boasts a lively arts and culture scene with two state-designated Arts and Entertainment and Maryland Main Street districts in Cumberland and Frostburg, a thriving small business community, and generations of tradition in food and culture. This category serves to document food, culture, arts, activities, events, nightlife, music, and entertainment in Allegany County.

  • History and Heritage: Where the C&O Canal, the Western Potomac, major roads and railroads converged, Allegany County owes its history and heritage to early American transportation milestones and the movement of people and resources. This category serves to document Allegany County’s rich history told in our rivers, rails, trails, mountains, and towns.

  • Outdoor Recreation: From cycling the Great Allegheny Passage or C&O Canal Towpath and hiking in one of our parks or forests to canoeing and kayaking Lake Habeeb or the Potomac River, Allegany County has plenty of opportunities to play in the outdoors. This category serves to capture people in motion, action shots of hiking, cycling, paddling, and exploring the trails, waterways, parks, and outdoor spaces in Mountain Maryland.

  • Scenic Landscapes: It’s no secret that one of Allegany County’s greatest assets is the scenic beauty. Everywhere you look, you’re sure to find scenic vistas, historic architecture, streetscapes, overlooks, and waterways. This category serves to document the scenic landscapes that serve as Allegany County’s backdrop.


Arts and Culture Category:
1st Place: $225
2nd Place: $125
3rd Place: $75

History and Heritage Category:
1st Place: $225
2nd Place: $125
3rd Place: $75

Outdoor Recreation Category:
1st Place: $225
2nd Place: $125
3rd Place: $75

Scenic Landscapes Category:
1st Place: $225
2nd Place: $125
3rd Place: $75

Important Dates:

October 31, 2022 | 11:59 PM - Entry deadline.
December 15, 2022 - Last possible day to receive notification of award.
February 2023 - Exhibition and Reception at the Allegany County Arts Council.

Funding for this project was provided in part by the Passages of the Western Potomac Heritage Area. 



Meet The Judges For 2022

2021 First Place Photos

Fishing on the North Branch By Mark Moessinger
Outdoor Recreation: "Fishing on the North Branch" By Mark Moessinger
1309 by Adam Rinehart
History and Heritage: "1309" by Adam Rinehart
View from Wills Mountain by David Best
Scenic Landscapes: "View from Wills Mountain" by David Best
Main Street in Frostburg by Janelle Muletz
Arts and Culture: "Main Street in Frostburg" by Janelle Muletz