Get Back To Small Town Charm

The beauty of this region is unparalleled. Allegany County features 60,000 acres of public wildlands, with one in four acres being public land.

Allegany County's Best of the Blue Ridge 2024

Allegany County, the Mountain Side of Maryland cleaned house during the 14th Annual Best of the Blue Ridge Awards, with 11 Mountain Maryland businesses, events, and experiences taking home titles in the February 2024 Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine issue. Touted as the most iconic and well-known…

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A Vacation For Every Month

It’s National Plan for Vacation Day, and with the cool winter temperatures, we could all use a good reason to dream up our next getaway. Statistics say that more than half of Americans don’t use all of their vacation days in a year, but we want to encourage you to change that narrative and plan now…

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Top Indoor Experiences in Allegany County this Winter

While snow showers, temperatures in the teens, and gusty winds all make up the general description of our weather forecast for the foreseeable future, one doesn't need to stay bundled up in their home waiting for Spring's thaw. Instead, we encourage you to get out an explore the many indoor based…

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