Get Back To Small Town Charm

The beauty of this region is unparalleled. Allegany County features 60,000 acres of public wildlands, with one in four acres being public land.

Best Places for Vintage, Thrift, and Antique Shopping

Here in Appalachia, we have a knack for breathing new life and purpose into old things, and it is no different in the way we shop, dress, and decorate our living spaces. With an abundance of thrift stores in Allegany County, the Mountain Side of Maryland, fashionistas and maximalists will find…

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Made in Allegany County, MD

When you shop small... A gift from the heart is the sentiment that is often shared when describing the perfect gift. Yet, does one ever take a moment to consider that homemade means it started at the hands of a craftsman or artist? We are fortunate in Allegany County, Maryland, that many area…

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