Sure, it’s a little bit about the big game, but really… It is about the spread of food. There’s something about cheering on your favorite team, the comradery or competition as a room erupts after a good play, and sitting at the edge of your seat hoping for your pool picks to hit. But between the roar and the cheers, we know it’s all about the food and drinks, and we have the perfect Mountain Maryland treats suited for any Super Bowl spread. 

For the Dips


Rio Grande

Grab your fresh guacamole from Rio Grande. Made fresh to order with fresh avocados and your choice of onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, lime, salt, and cilantro, this guac has a bit of a kick and is sure to be a hit at any party. 


Crabby Pig 

The Crabby Pig's signature crab dip is made with hot and creamy seasoned lump crab meat mixed with cheeses, onion, and served with garlic toast. 



For the Wings

Basket of wings with buffalo sauce being poured over them.

JJ's & Sons Pizzeria

Now in its second generation of ownership, JJ’s has been known as “The Place for Wings” to get your classic Buffalo-style chicken wings ever since their opening in 1981. Be sure to pair it with their beloved homemade blue cheese dressing.


Lashbaugh’s Bar & Grill

Another local favorite, Lashbaugh’s wings are the perfect addition to the spread with crowd-pleasing flavors such as the boardwalk wings made with an old bay and brown sugar blend. 


LGs Pizzeria and Pub

This family restaurant and sports bar does it right with signature sauce blends like Jack Daniels, Habanero Ranch dry rub, Spicy Crab, and their flavors of the month. 



For the Pizza

Puccini Wood Fired Pizza

Harley’s Pizza

Looking for a classic pizza for the spread? “The Champ” 16” square pizza is the way to go to feed the crowd.


Uncle Jack's Pizzeria & Pub

Satisfy all your guests with options. Uncle Jack’s offers both a NY style and Chicago style pizza.

Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant

Some house-favorite pies are the Wild Mushroom with shiitake, portobello, and button mushrooms and the Savage Mountain Farm Harvest Pie with everchanging organic seasonal vegetables and other goodies from local Savage Mountain Farm.


Puccini Restaurant

Famous for its wood-fired pizza and its hometown friendliness, Puccini offers pizzas cooked to perfection in the restaurant's wood-fired brick oven, with a slight blackening on the cornice and the bottom of the crust caused both by the flame "kissing" the top of the crust and the potassium-rich wood ash providing color and a depth of flavor to the bottom of the crust. 



For the Sandwiches

Three hot dogs topped with sauce and diced onions lined up on a counter.

D’Atri Restaurant

D’Atri Restaurant offers their whole menu in large quantities, and that includes their famous hoagies with seasoned lettuce. Be sure to preorder your hot and cold subs and hoagies for game day. 


Curtis’ Coney Island Famous Weiners

Who doesn’t love a good hot dog? Curtis Coney island Famous ’ has been a deep-seated food tradition in Cumberland, MD, with its famous hot dogs, complete with the secret family recipe chili sauce, brown mustard, and onions - no fancy bells and whistles, just a darn good hotdog. 



For the Charcuterie Board

B&B Meats

Engle’s Mountain Bologna - B&B Country Meats

Stop into  B&B Country Meats for their Engle’s Mountain Bologna, a smoked sausage known locally and abroad for its fresh-ground, all lean beef and seasoning. Flavors come in regular, hot, or cheesy and pairs well with sharp cheddar and hot mustard on crackers.


10 Cows Creamery and Coffee

Ten Cows Creamery is Allegany County's only operating dairy farm. Their cheeses are hand selected from small regional family-owned farmers who craft cheese from their own dairy cows. 



For the Booze

Craft Beers
Did you know it’s FeBREWary, Maryland’s annual and official month-long celebration of the craft beer industry in Maryland? Find the perfect beer, wine or spirit for game-day at any one of our breweries, wineries, or distilleries along the Mountain Maryland Tap and Pour Tour